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Schneider unveils new lenses for DSLRs

ImageThe development of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras has revolutionized professional video journalism. However, until recently, journalists and documentary photographers wishing to control perspective have had to use a monorail-style view camera.

Schneider Optics now offers a new family of PC-TS (Perspective Control through Tilt / Shift) lenses that lets video journalists using DSLRs control perspective in the manner previously possible only with a monorail-style camera.

The new lenses give video journalists a bridge between the convenience of DSLR and other medium format digital cameras, and the performance of a view camera.

The PC-TS lenses can shift laterally up to 12mm, or tilt at an angle up to 8 degrees. These movements can be applied in 30 degree increments at any position within the 360 degree lens rotation and with a huge 90mm image circle (DSLR) and 120mm image circle (Mamiya), the lens retains its full range of movements without vignetting. This system features Schneider's high-resolution optics and a precise, zero-play mechanism.

Schneider currently offers three PC-TS lenses: the Super Angulon f2.8 50mm and the Makro-Symmar f4.0 90mm PC-TS lens for DSLR cameras and the Apo-Digitar 5.6/120 HM Aspheric lens, designed for the medium format Mamiya/Phase One System digital cameras.

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Concept copied from Hartblei

People who are interested in these lenses should take a close look into the original Hartblei Zeiss Superrotator offerings, They use Lenskits from the Hasslblad wit 40,80 and 120mm , these additionally have Module 8 focusing gears, are significantly smaller and.... immediately available .