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Integrated Microwave Technologies Demonstrates Video Transmission Combining Bonded Cellular and Microwave

ImageIntegrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT), ( a provider of advanced digital microwave systems serving the broadcast, sports and entertainment markets, has shown its Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live camera-mounted transmitter sending video over cellular, microwave, Wi-Fi and satellite connections.

The IMT system enables video crews a highly flexible and powerful alternative to traditional satellite and microwave links. The Connect Live transmitter is a combination of Nucomm's coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (COFDM) technology and Dejero's patent-pending adaptive bitrate cellular bonding technologies and portal management system.

"This is a big win for those broadcast outlets looking for a cost-effective and reliable newsgathering solution that gives them greater range, mobility and flexibility," said Stephen Shpock, IMT Divisional chief executive. "With its dual COFDM and bonded 4G LTE live video streaming capabilities, the Connect Live system is essentially two products in one. It combines IMT's microwave expertise with Dejero's cellular bonding technology, allowing broadcasters to cover live breaking news and provide real-time reporting from locations that are too costly or difficult to reach with traditional methods."

The Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live transmitter is manufactured by IMT under its Nucomm brand and is fully integrated with the Dejero LIVE+ platform. The system is packaged with a five-inch, high-resolution touch-LCD monitor designed to mount directly onto a range of small-format HD cameras used in today's broadcasts.

Using a single camera equipped with the Connect Live device, a mobile news crew can begin transmitting broadcast-quality live video in less than a minute from locations that are not practical or advisable for satellite or microwave trucks. The combination of microwave and cellular capabilities is an industry first, providing broadcasters with the highest flexibility of any product on the market. 

The Connect Live transmitter brings a whole world of immediacy and on-scene realism to live and breaking news, and is backed by Dejero's industry-leading customer support.

For day-to-day news coverage, users can employ the bonded 4G LTE links to transport live video back to the station. The Connect Live system features built-in cellular modems as well as interfaces for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and COFDM. When the story is critical and cellular issues arise, news crews can feel confident the story will get covered by switching to microwave. 

The transmitter features adaptive bitrate and bonding technologies to compensate for changing network conditions by adjusting frame rate, resolution, encoding rates and streaming parameters. This enables the system to bond up to four cellular 4G LTE networks, as well as any combination of Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Ka-band satellite to provide maximum throughput for video transmissions. With a boot-up time of less than 30 seconds, the Connect Live device can be rapidly deployed in fast-breaking news situations.

Through Dejero's exclusive Intelligent Connection Management, the Connect Live transmitter automatically manages the dataflow across each connection to realize the desired latency while maintaining a high-quality picture. At startup, the Connect Live transmitter will auto-convert the signal from HD to SD, depending on network conditions. Initiating a transmission is as simple as attaching the Connect Live device and power supply to the camera, selecting the desired latency and video quality and pressing the "start" button.

Depending on the operator's specific needs in the field, latency versus video quality can be quickly tuned between interview, balanced and high-quality preset modes via the Connect Live intuitive-touch LCD display. In COFDM mode, the unit covers the entire BAS 2GHz band. Additionally, the unit is available for the 5.8GHz non-licensed band. Nucomm has outfitted the Connect Live hardware with an RJ45 Ethernet connector, allowing it to be configured to stream video over VSAT terminals.

Back in the studio, the Dejero LIVE+ Broadcast Server receives and decodes the transmissions and outputs real-time genlocked video from the Connect Live transmitter. The LIVE+ Portal provides real-time statistics, monitoring and switching capabilities in the cloud.